Saturday, July 18, 2009

A trip with stumbling blocks

Well Dennis wouldn't be Dennis if everything went off without a hitch. Joyce and Chris accompanied him to see him off on tuesday, but to no avail. He ran into a snag at the gate: the immigration officers told him that his passport was not a valid travel document. It was too tattered around the edges, too much wear and tear. Even teary-eyed Dennis couldn't change his mind and while they tried to get emergency documents, the flight-time was rapidly approaching.

He didn't catch his flight and with a lot of begging and more teary-eyes Dennis was able to persuade the KLM lady to offer him a new flight on saturday, at an extra charge of €250,- But he said: "Ill take it" and today he finally flew to Brasil. Early this morning Joyce took him to the airport again and saw him off. Late in the evening she called him to see if he had landed safely and he was okay, waiting for his friend at the Sao Paolo Airport. He's been able to sleep some on the flight he said, which is a good thing because him and his friend are going straight to a festival by bus, just briefly stopping to drop off the luggage at his friends house.

It's odd how disconnected I feel from the events surrounding Dennis and his trip. I've not been at the house for maybe three weeks now, needing a break from the "house of hormones" as I affectionately call it. I'll be going over there on monday, but aside from maybe Eric, none of the kids is going to be there. Empty nest syndrom by proxy...

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